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  • 90 Copper Creek Dr. PO Box 30077, Markham, Ontario
  • (416) 900-7159

Education Sponsorship Details

  • Egypt & Sudan

Education Sponsorship Program

$ 2500 Needed Donation

Help give children an education for as little as $7.50 a month… that breaks down to .25 cents a day!

Education is key to helping children to escape extreme poverty and to be able to support a family in a dignified way.

However, education is expensive and our education sponsorship program always covered the education costs for our children. With cost increases due to inflation parents are no longer able to cover education costs. We have started a new program that will cover all the costs of our childrens the best education. Our education sponsorship program will cover the costs of books, equipment and resources, supplies, including music, art and sports supplies.

How is it possible to educate a child for $7.50 a month? The answer is simple, the power of many standing together and combining our $7.50’s. As we are starting this program we are looking for 800 people to be a education sponsor. Some might contribute twice that or triple that… it is up to each sponsor but we are asking for each to contribute at least $7.50.

Sponsors can expect to receive regular updates every three months by email (Sponsors need to have an email address to receive updates). That is another way we will save money, by not sending out letters or photos, everything will be sent electronically. Sponsors will receive updates about news, events and report cards, of each student they sponser